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Amie’s Mask

Top Ten

From the parents’ perspective:


Dealing with Insurance

School and Social Issues


10. Being Different is cool.

9. You attract the weirdest (and coolest) friends.

8. The human scientific experiment...nuf said.

7. Noise in the middle of the night (noisy neighbors, howling cats,

     etc.) all go unnoticed.

6. Everyone remembers who you are.

  1. 5.You don't have to invest in earmuffs, or look like Princess Leia

    wearing them.

4. The strangest things happen...

3. All the reasons Steve Martin gave in Roxanne

  1. 2.Since everyone is different from everyone else, being different is

    as normal as you can get.

1. Cinderella.

Inspired entirely by my weird friend, Laura.